Michael R. Shaya

CEO | Managing Member | Founder

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Michelle S. Toma

VP of Operations | Public Relations & Communications

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TSG Properties LLC

A Florida Limited Liability Company

600 Woodbridge Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Phone: (248) 425-7748

E-Mail: 600Woodbridge@gmail.com


TSG (The Shaya Group) Properties LLC is a real estate investment company engaged in real estate acquisition, redevelopment, and management. Our tenants include national retailers as well as small and family businesses. I have a special attachment to family businesses primarily because I started off working in one. It taught me how to navigate working with family, which can be tough, but also the same business skills I learned there helps me run a sizable real estate company I have today. So, I have a soft spot in my heart for small and family businesses. The original family business started in 1983 in the Renaissance Center at a convenience store just steps away from the Riverfront buildings on Woodbridge Street.  Thereafter, I pursued my education at the University of Michigan Business School in Ann Arbor, MI and then went on to obtain a Masters in Finance.  My focus in real estate was always a passion of mine accompanied by working over a decade in the banking industry in the commercial, real estate, and treasury segments. Given my midwestern roots I had to come back to look at the Detroit market through the careful selection of property acquisitions and realizing synergies when and where possible, I also learned the value of patience.  Now TSG Properties principal holdings are in Michigan, Louisiana, and Florida. On a frequent basis I uncover, acquire, develop, and manage undiscovered real estate opportunities through my vast network of contacts and relationships that I have culminated over the years. The phrase that governs my process and mindset is pivotal, “Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left from those who hustle.” 

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