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TSG Properties LLC,

A Florida Limited Liability Company

600 Woodbridge Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Phone: (313) 434-8127 

E-Mail: 600Woodbridge@gmail.com


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any individual(s) (“Parker”) who parks at any lot owned and/or operated by 313 Parking (“Premises”) agrees to the following terms and conditions.  Premises a self-park facility where all customers park and lock their own vehicles (the term “vehicle” encompasses any vehicle the “Parker” drives to the “Premises”, including but not limited to “Parker’s” own vehicle, a vehicle owned and/or registered to another individual’s name, a commuter vehicle, and/or a rental vehicle).  The “Parker” who parks at Premises agrees that 313 Parking LLC and its agents, representatives, and employees, and any and all related and/or affiliated companies, persons, entities and properties (collectively “Operating Entities”) are not responsible for any type of loss and/or damage to any vehicle and/or its contents and/or to any individual(s) parking on the “Premises”, thereby holding “Operating Entities” harmless for any reason whatsoever.  If “Parker” agrees to allow someone other than themselves (parking attendant, employee, or otherwise) to hold their keys, retrieve items from their vehicle, move their vehicle, drive their vehicle, and/or perform any other action related to their vehicle, “Parker” holds “Operating Entities” harmless for any type of loss and/or damage to any vehicle and/or its contents and/or to any individual(s) on or near the “Premises”.  If an accident occurs between “Parker” and another “Parker” and/or tenant of the “Premises”, the resolution of said incident is the responsibility of the “Parker(s)” and tenant and is not the responsibility of the “Operating Entities”.  “Parker” agrees to always lock their vehicle and to take keys and all valuables out of the vehicle. “Operating Entities” are not responsible for vehicle contents or vehicle damages.

Michael R. Shaya, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

(248) 425-7748

Michelle S. Toma, V.P. of Operations

(313) 434-8127